Daily Prompt: I Believe

In my heart the three thing that i believe to be true are, that one day there will be no more suicide cause by nasty bully’s, there will be no more kidnappings of children and no more rapes and murders.



This shouldn’t be the way that girls look at themselves everyday and then carry on not eating until they become anorexic and end up in hospital. The reason this happens is because the media portray women as stick thin size 6, and girls from a young age look up to these women in the magazines as inspiration to be like them. It can also be caused by bullying of weight in schools, mainly by boys because they have grown to expect girls to be stick think with big boobs and bums, and the girls are supposed to be flawless with no spots and a natural tan, and long hair perfect hair. If the girls don’t have any of these things about them they are either classed as ugly, fat, disgusting, embarrassing, a mess, any thing under the sun that will hurt them emotionally. But it looks like no one remembers that Marilyn Monroe was a size 12, and still classed as the prettiest women in the world. So girls, even though your not a size 6 model, with perfect skin, and a flawless face and body, just remember one day you will find someone who loves all of them things about you, and they will make you forget all of the people who put you down because of it, and never let them get to you because they are only doing it to make them feel better because their only hating you because you obviously have something that they want.

If any one reading this can relate to anything I have wrote and need someone to talk to please email me anything and I will help you through it and give you any advice that you need. Email me at mylife.k@outlook.com